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Protecting your intellectual property

Your intellectual property and private information are safe with Xavier and protected by our privacy policies. If your company requires an additional NDA in order to work with us, please contact our sales team at sales@xavier-parts.com.

The Xavier content policy

Our content policy restricts the parts that we are able to produce. We’re unable to to make any of the following:

  • Parts subject to export control regulations such as ITAREAR beyond EAR 99, or EU Dual Use
  • Content that is illegal, offensive, or violates intellectual property rights
  • Weapons or parts of weapons

You can find our complete content policy inside the Xavier Terms of Sale. If you have any questions about whether your parts comply with our content policy, please contact us before uploading any files.

  • General Terms and Conditions, EU and US.
  • Privacy policy

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at sales@xavier-parts.com.