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Quality Control Policy

Continuous improvement

Use a scientific management system to continuously improve quality by recording and analyzing data, achieve efficient and low-cost management, and control costs for each customer.

Three coordinate measuring instrument

Customer first

Customer-centric, continuously improve
customer satisfaction and loyalty, and
always regard customer satisfaction as a working principle.


Quality is the foundation of Xavier’s survival. We must do a good job in quality management, starting from the
details and going deep into every link.
Everyone pays attention to quality and
emphasizes quality everywhere.

Full closed-loop quality management

Keep improve
Demand analysis

Define project requirements with your customers, create RFQ requirements or production requirements in the cloud computing management platform,and have established customers with Xavier authorized IDs access all project developments in your company online.

Process Control
Process Control

All production processes will be fully closed-loop process management, MES will lock production equipment if the measurement data is out of tolerance, automatically schedule production to avoid delayed delivery, and query PO real-time production dynamics online.

Quality assurance
Supply Chain

Must obtain ISO9001 quality system certificate, review the quality planning of "Quality Manual", try Xavier specific test pieces; sign supply chain agreement after the review, focus on quality rules, privacy and confidentiality clauses, and grade review twice a year.

Process Control
Quality & Delivery

Measurement data online real-time query, support parts carving flow number and PO number traceability, measurement data report support electronic file export, shipping file contains material report, CMM full size report, surface treatment report, COC, packing list.

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Satisfied customers

  • AS9100
  • ISO9001


Xavier's quality certificates

Xavier Precision Component Co.,Ltd. passed the TUV Rheinland audit and obtained the certificate authorization- ISO9001:2015&AS9100:2018.Xavier adds Aerospace IAQA and Aerospace Supplier Information System.Customers can check our company’s supporting capabilities online. We integrate the quality system into the management system to achieve a fully closed-loop evidence chain and eliminate “counterfeit and shoddy parts” from the management process.

WhatsApp Chat

Chat with our engineers to get a solution for your product, or a quality certificate.

Messenger Chat

Chat with our engineers to get a solution for your product, or a quality certificate.

Digital quality management system

A structured quality inspection job driver and process management system based on product digital models (2D/3D) to meet the quality inspection and control of product implementation processes in the MBD environment.

Customer Aanalysis

Objectively productize exceptional via customized.

Real Time Metrics

Interactively integrate extensible users maximizing resource.

Shape Image
Shape Image

Quality control process


Automatic collection

2D&3DCMM automated inspection equipment

Automatic collection

Automatic collection

Digital measuring tools or instruments

Manual input

Manual input

Simple measuring tools such as pass and stop gauges & thread gauges

quality control process

Server and data storage and management

Support RFQ/FAI/DFM/COC/3DCMM download, provide complete FMEA and PFMEA demand support, and ensure the stable implementation of the process.

Abnormal warning and monitoring

Abnormal warning and monitoring

Process monitoring, notifications and warnings, monitoring dashboards

Data Analysis and Application

Data Analysis and Application

SPC analysis, quality traceability, quality dashboard

Report integration and management

Report integration and management

Data integration, graphical reporting, report management

Appearance parts acceptance criteria

The surface treatment of all components produced by Xevier complies with RoHS standards and 100% meets the surface treatment acceptance standards of the drawings.

Testing standards

Consistency requirements

Each part must be visually consistent across the same batch, meaning:

  • Same grit must be used across parts for sanding or brushing
  • Brush marks must be in the same direction**
  • Color must be consistent to the same pantone when parts are placed next to each other
  • Gloss units must be consistent across the batch

*** Manual brushing marks will be as unidirectional as possible. Please note that for rounded geometries, brushing marks may not be entirely unidirectional.*


Visual inspection conditions

The surface quality of every part must meet the following conditions:

  • Distance: 50cm ±10cm (19,7 in ± 3,9 in) with a 10/10 vision (or corrected)
  • Incidence angle: Approximately 45º in all directions
  • Lighting conditions: 500-1000 Lux, color 3300-5300 Kelvin (neutral white)
  • TUV
  • RoHS
  • ISO
  • AES
  • ISO14001
  • Inter Rall

Integration management

Quality management system

  • TS6949
  • ISO13485
  • 3DCMM
  • Hardness Tester
  • X-ray
  • Colorimeter

What They Say Our Clients About Us


The feedback they provide is invaluable. These reviews not only help us understand our customers' needs and expectations, but also guide improvements and optimization of products or services.

Alexa Loverty Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Chief designer

The sample has been received and it looks spectacular! In particular, the surface finishing is very nice and the finished piece feels wonderful in hand. We are very please with the result of your work. 

Alexa Loverty
Aileen Davis Aileen Davis

Aileen Davis


We did a quick build test of all versions and the looks, performance specs and functionality were good, and they worked just as well, as always. Delivery date no problem!

Aileen Davis
Hugh Saturation Hugh Saturation

Hugh Saturation


We placed our first order of 1500 stainless steel parts from Xavier and all parts of the sample were great, assembled correctly and we are very happy with the material and finish.

Hugh Saturation