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Delivery in as fast as 5 days /100% Inspection /Full Process Measurement Report /3D Scanning Digital Analog Comparison.

Ultra-precision machining
Matrix points

Trusted by the best companies in the world


CNC machining

Milling, turning and post-processing

  • Tolerances down to ±0.0008 in(0.020 mm)
  • Lead times from 10 business days
CNC machined parts


3D printing and Silicone overmolding

    + 0.3% with a lower limit of +0.3 mm (+ 0.012 in)
  • Wide range of part complexities and sizes

Blank manufacturing

Casting, Die Casting and Forging

Actively coordinate the quality
vector of the entire supply chain
and subsidiaries to reduce costsand improve production efficiency for mass production.

Xavier’s Quality Standards

Xavier applies a strict set of standards to every custom part, ensuring the quality and consistency of all components and continuously improving quality control.

Quality assurance
Quality assurance

Our ISO9001&AS9100 certified quality management system ensures reliable quality throughout our entire supply chain.

Process Control
Quality control

All parts are dimensionally inspected using calibration equipment to ensure they meet your exact specifications.

Keep improve
Keep improve

We are constantly evaluating the performance of quality control and continuously improving quality in production.

Complete project
development capabilities

We can help you simplify your supply chain and enable "one-stop" ordering for your entire project. One-stop service from concept to realization. The combination of a highly skilled team and cutting-edge equipment provides you with exceptional service.

Provide you with excellent design

Provide you with excellent design

We provide one-stop solutions for R&D and production of new projects to help you speed up the project implementation cycle and provide optimal parts structure suggestions based on needs to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The products are repeatedly verified using experimental data such as theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, elasticity mechanics, plasticity mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal science, and tribology theory.

  • Product demand research
  • On-demand design and development
  • Support MEM&ODM
  • Structural engineer door-to-door service
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Structure optimization & cost optimization

Structure optimization & cost optimization

Manage the unique requirements of the part manufacturing process, including the impact of material physical properties, chemical properties on machining and surface treatment, and assembly. Combined with diversified production processes, the optimal manufacturing process and cost are selected according to different MOQ requirements.

  • Casting、forging、Aluminum extrusion、Die casting
  • CNC machining
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Reliable and stable production parts

Reliable and stable production parts

During the trial production stage, we provide the best delivery time and parts that meet the requirements according to different production processes, and provide full-size inspection reports for all parts.

  • CPK data
  • SPC data
  • FAI
  • PPAP
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Reliable and stable production parts

Reliable and stable production parts

Xavier cloud digital production management realizes the uniqueness, traceability and recycling of manufacturing data, online review of the consistency of repurchase production process control details, and transparent process change management to ensure the quality consistency of the products you order.

  • Material certificate
  • 3DCMM report
  • Surface treatment report
  • COC
  • Packing List
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Companies served

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Provide plan

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Parts manufacturing

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Industry experience

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Product design

Our Story

Xavier development history

Xavier has been engaged in precision parts machining services for optical imaging, fluid control, superconducting applications, aviation parts and other industries for more than 15 years. It has realized digital production management, the whole process can be monitored and traced, and supports online quotation, ordering, progress inquiry, and quality File download, mainly serving customers who have very strict quality control and traceability requirements for machined parts.
Xavier's technical team of 95 people is familiar with the cutting characteristics of various metal materials and engineering plastic materials. They often engage in feasibility manufacturing research and production planning of polyhedral parts, thin-walled cavity parts, and special-shaped structural parts. They use 3D bionic simulation software to avoid manufacturing risks. Conduct DMF analysis and evaluation before production to effectively control cost waste.

Our quality management system certification

AS 9100
ISO 9001

We manufacture your custom parts according to strict manufacturing standards and ensure all parts and processes adhere to the Xavier Standard. A thorough verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that we ship with every order.

Start the Xavier order process!

Sign NDA Agreement

Sign an NDA agreement based on your project needs and strictly abide by the NDA agreement.


RFQ needs assessment

Assess project needs, critical items or special requirements.


Provide instant quotes

We will provide reasonable quotations and suggestions (and keep them for 30 days).


Sign business contract

Sign a quality agreement, business contract or supply agreement to jointly safeguard the rights and interests of both parties.


Unified quality standards

We will confirm the quality standards with you and unify the measurement standards and measurement errors.


FAI Sample confirmation

Provide FAI sample confirmation and sealing, full-size inspection report, surface treatment report, salt spray report, etc.


Mass production

Strictly implement SOP&SIP process control to improve the efficiency and qualification rate of mass production.


Inspection and Packaging

We 100% inspect all products that are about to be shipped, and provide material reports and COC packing information.


Deliver product

Return to us with your inspection results and satisfaction survey to continue to improve our service capabilities.