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In contrast to other coatings, zinc also provides active cathodic corrosion protection in addition to its shielding effect. In contrast to the more precious iron, zinc acts as a sacrificial anode. This effect also protects the base material in case of damage after coating (scratches or impact marks). Additional properties are achieved by downstream processes, such as passivation, sealing and other similar processes.

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Part surface treatment

CNC machined parts galvanized surface treatment

Zinc plating, also known as cold galvanizing in the industry, is a process that uses electrolysis to form a uniform, dense, well-bonded anodic metal or alloy deposit layer on the surface of a manufactured part. Compared to other metals, zinc is a relatively inexpensive and easy to coat metal, is a low-value corrosion protection plating, and is widely used to protect steel parts, especially against atmospheric corrosion, and for decorative purposes.

Types of zinc plating for CNC machined parts

TypesDescriptionMinimum salt spray time(h)Xavier
IZinc plating only,no treatment
IIColored chromate passivation96
IIIColorless chromate passivation12 
IVPhonsphate conwersion film 
VColorless passivation without hwxavalent chromium72
VIColored passivation without hexavalent chromium120

Plating environment for each film thickness

Classification number and conversion coating suffixMinimum thickness of plating(μm)Condition
Fe/Zn 2525SC4-Very harsh:exposure to harsh conditions or frequent exposure to moisture,detergents and salt water solutions,plus possible damage feom dents,scratches or abrasion.
Fe/Zn 1212SC3-Harsh: Exposure to condensation, sweat, rain and detergents.
Fe/Zn 88SC2-Moderate, exposed to dry indoor environments, but occasional condensation, wear and tear.
Fe/Zn 55SC1-Mild, exposed to indoor atmosphere, with rare condensation and minimal wear.


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* We provide ASTM B633 electro-galvanized standard. Test methods: X-ray spectrometry film thickness test, zinc layer adhesion test, salt spray test, hydrogen embrittlement test. If you have special needs, please contact

**Zinc can protect more precious metals from corrosion, and by adding organic substances, the glossiness of the surface can be adjusted from matte to shiny.

Electro galvanized parts

Xavier Zinc Plating Capability

  • Base material: steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy

    Reference standard: ASTM B633;

    Film thickness grade :5μm、8μm、12μm、25μm

    Passivation methods: environmentally friendly: blue and white zinc, colored zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc.

    Non-environmental: military green zinc, white zinc, black zinc.

    Test methods: X-ray spectrometry film thickness test, zinc layer adhesion test, salt spray test, hydrogen embrittlement test.

    Base materialSteel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steelAluminum alloy
    Maximum processing size(cm)230*50*10050*45*80
    Unit price maximum weight(kg)10040



We have high standards for Part surface treatment

We manufacture your custom parts according to strict manufacturing standards and ensure all parts and processes adhere to the Xavier Standard. A thorough verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that we ship with every order.

  • Standard 1
    PO consistent

    We ensure that every part after machining is as specified in the PO as customer requirements.

  • Standard 2
    Quality check

    Prior to MP shipment to ensure that each part meets order specifications and Xavier standards.

  • Standard 3
    Require consistent

    Ensure conformance of parts and any required documentation prior to dispatching the order.

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Alexa Loverty Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Chief designer

The sample has been received and it looks spectacular! In particular, the surface finishing is very nice and the finished piece feels wonderful in hand. We are very please with the result of your work. 

Alexa Loverty
Maxine Butler Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler


We did a quick build test of all versions and the looks, performance specs and functionality were good, and they worked just as well, as always. Delivery date no problem!

Maxine Butler
Dean Miler Dean Miler

Dean Miler


We placed our first order of 1500 stainless steel parts from Xavier and all parts of the sample were great, assembled correctly and we are very happy with the material and finish.

Dean Miler