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Aluminum anodizing services

We offer anodizing type II and III, which are ideal surface finishes for aluminum parts. Anodizing strengthens aluminum parts and is available in several colors, depending on the type. 

blue oxide aluminum
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Part surface treatment

Anodized aluminium and aluminium alloys

Anodic oxidation is the process of forming decorative and protective films on the surfaces of aluminum and its alloys. In principle, the process of forming an oxide film on aluminum is actually an electrochemical reaction in which an electric current is applied at a sufficient voltage to a suitable electrolyte to form a porous oxide film on the surface of aluminum. Anodizing, unless otherwise specified, usually means anodizing sulfuric acid.


Oxidation type of aluminum alloy CNC machining parts

Type Ichromic acid anodizing,Conventional oxide file was formed in chromium acid tank 
Type IBchromic acid anodizing,Low voltage process,22±2V 
Type ICAnodic oxidation of non-chromic acid, using a non-chromic acid formula to generate class I and IB oxide films   
Type IIAnodic oxidation of non-chromic,Conventional oxide film foemed in sulfuric acid tank
Type IIBSulfuric acid anodized film ,Conventional oxide film produced using a non-chromic acid formulation
Type IIIhard anodizing
Class 1Non-staining
Class 2staining

Critical items


Non standard requests

* We supply a range of standard colors. If you need a particular RAL or Pantone color code, please contact

**As a standard our anodizing thickness will follow ISO 7599: ISO class AA10 (for clear) and ISO class AA15. If your parts require different standards, please contact

Surface anodization parts

Xavier in its anodized

◆ substrate: aluminum and aluminum alloy

◆ Reference Standard M I L-A-8625F

◆ Film thickness range:

Coating typeI、IB、IC、IIBIIIII
Thickness range(um)0.5~17.81.78~25.412.7~114.3

◆ other processes: sandblasting,chemical sanding,chemical polishing,shielding and blocking holes

◆ staining: black, blue, red, golden yellow (customized according to customer requirements)

◆ maximum machining size: 230 * 45 * 110 (c m)

◆ Maximum weight of single piece: 300 (kg)

◆ sealing method: environmental protection: boiling water, nickel salt, cobalt salt, ferrofluorone closed; non-environmental protection: dichromate, nickel salt + dichromate double closed

◆ test method: vortex tester membrane thickness test, paint adhesion test, membrane weight test, corrosion resistance test, light resistance test, wear resistance test, insulation test

◆The hardness of anodic oxidation film is higher than that of aluminum and aluminum alloy. Because the porosity of hard anodic oxidation film is lower than that of ordinary anodic oxidation, the hardness of hard anodic oxidation is relatively high. The hardness range of general reference is as follows.


Aluminum and Aluminum alloy
Aluminum and Aluminum alloy


Anodic oxidation
Anodic oxidation


Hard anodizing
Hard anodizing




We have high standards for Part surface treatment

We manufacture your custom parts according to strict manufacturing standards and ensure all parts and processes adhere to the Xavier Standard. A thorough verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that we ship with every order.

  • Standard 1
    PO consistent

    We ensure that every part after machining is as specified in the PO as customer requirements.

  • Standard 2
    Quality check

    Prior to MP shipment to ensure that each part meets order specifications and Xavier standards.

  • Standard 3
    Require consistent

    Ensure conformance of parts and any required documentation prior to dispatching the order.

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Alexa Loverty Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Chief designer

The sample has been received and it looks spectacular! In particular, the surface finishing is very nice and the finished piece feels wonderful in hand. We are very please with the result of your work. 

Alexa Loverty
Maxine Butler Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler


We did a quick build test of all versions and the looks, performance specs and functionality were good, and they worked just as well, as always. Delivery date no problem!

Maxine Butler
Dean Miler Dean Miler

Dean Miler


We placed our first order of 1500 stainless steel parts from Xavier and all parts of the sample were great, assembled correctly and we are very happy with the material and finish.

Dean Miler