Powerful Solutions for Your Business Needs

Rapidly produce parts in volume with the multidisciplinary architecture of Authoritative Manufacturing Solutions.

Low cost

Integrated services from initial mold design - production process design - blank molding & testing to precision machining, shorten development time, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

High quality

Production and testing are carried out in strict accordance with international material standards and tolerance standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, etc. to ensure that every product delivered meets the requirements.

Process control

Provide complete solutions according to needs, provide complete FMEA and PFMEA demand support, ensure the stable implementability of large-volume parts manufacturing processes, and avoid delayed delivery.


About our diverse blank manufacturing capabilities

With precision casting and forging capabilities, we strictly monitor product quality and provide reliable solutions from rough blank manufacturing to final finished products. All processes are strictly controlled in accordance with the requirements of the AS9100 quality management system to continuously reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Order Process

Simple & Effortless Process

We manufacture your custom parts according to strict manufacturing standards and ensure all parts and processes adhere to the Xavier Standard. A thorough verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that we ship with every order.

Step 1

Sign NDA Agreement

Step 2

MOQ accounting cost

Step 3

Sign supply agreement

Step 4

Unified inspection standards

Rebates on bulk orders

High-volume products drive production costs down, and Xavier will rebate the cost savings to customers based on 20% of the order amount for customers with an annual output of more than 2000 tons.

  • AS9100 quality management system
  • Complete testing and laboratories
  • Precision spectrometer
  • Optical measuring instrument
  • Hardness tester
  • Surface roughness measuring instrument
  • Component Analyzer
  • 3DCMM testing equipment


Frequently Asked Questions

With its precision casting manufacturing capabilities, we provide customers with solutions from reliable product mold design, blank manufacturing to final finished products.

The supplier’s equipment is very good, can he definitely make high-precision and complex parts?

Equipment is important, but experienced engineering and technical personnel’s understanding of the product process is the key.

Is there any guarantee on product quality?

We provide product quality assurance, if you find any quality problems after receiving the goods, please contact us in time and we will solve it as soon as possible.

Some suppliers’ samples are very good, but why can’t they do mass production?

The sample process is generally different from the mass production process. Mass production requires production companies to have strict quality control and cost control capabilities. XAVIER has done a good job in this regard.

Can you provide relevant certifications and qualification certificates?

Yes, we can provide product-related certifications and qualification certificates to ensure that products comply with international standards and regulatory requirements.

Are there any volume discounts available?

Yes, we offer different levels of volume discounts based on order quantity. Please contact our sales team for details.

How to resolve potential problems or disputes during cooperation?

We are committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships. If we encounter any problems during the cooperation process, we will actively collaborate to solve them and ensure customer satisfaction.


What They Say About Us

The feedback they provide is invaluable. These reviews not only help us understand our customers' needs and expectations, but also guide improvements and optimization of products or services. Thereby improving customer experience and enhancing our service capabilities.

Claudine Brown Claudine Brown

Claudine Brown

Project manager

I did quick assembly tests for all versions, function is fine, and they look good, as always. The delivery date is fine!

Claudine Brown
Mr.Rupan clay Mr.Rupan clay

Mr.Rupan clay

Founder and CEO

So all of the parts for the samples were great, assembled correctly and in the correct materials and finishes.

Mr.Rupan clay
Johnson Butler Johnson Butler

Johnson Butler

CEO and project manager

The parts look great with good package. I really appreciate your work on the project. Thank you.

Johnson Butler