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Logistics and transportation policy

We try our best to meet our customers’ needs in logistics and transportation

Based on the delivery time and cost requirements of different customers, Xavier recommends the fastest and most economical transportation method for customers and arranges appropriate packaging of goods. Supports international express delivery, air transport, sea transport, railway, truck and other transportation methods. Xavier can assist with cargo insurance, arrange the transportation of goods to the port, handle customs and related document procedures, and other one-stop services to ensure that every step from the beginning of cooperation to delivery is safe, reliable, and smooth.

Xavier will customize packaging materials according to the structure of different parts, and take preventive measures to reduce transportation risks in the overall transportation packaging. At the same time, it will prevent excessive packaging to avoid an increase in transportation costs, and ensure that the packaging is easy to handle, store, recycle, and reuse. According to the transportation needs of different customers, we can achieve “quick, punctual, economical, safe and efficient”. If any packaging is destroyed, lost or damaged during transportation, Xavier will actively handle it unconditionally and bear the corresponding compensation.