Job Details

Objectively restore stand-alone markets rather than enterprise-wide products. Uniquely underwhelm best-of-breed mindshare through adaptive niches. Seamlessly parallel task open-source content without resource sucking technology.

Job Responsibilities

  • Use social media, Mao Xiaoqi, online tools, Google, phone calls, WhatsApp and other methods to independently develop customers and promote transactions.
  • Follow up the company’s RFQ, conduct customer background checks on Google and social media advertising promotion inquiries, establish contacts, prepare quotations and promote transactions.
  • Order conversion, negotiation of business terms for new customers, signing of confidentiality agreements & contracts, PO follow-up, delivery, reconciliation and collection and business services.
  • Customer relations, customer background investigation, customer file establishment, daily trade cooperation docking, quarterly customer satisfaction survey, customer service satisfaction improvement implementation.
  • Business skills, learning basic technical knowledge of machining, accumulation and learning of vocabulary of industry professional terms, barrier-free oral communication practice, self-summary and making self-improvement and work plans every month.
  • Visits abroad. Arrange visits to customers abroad from time to time according to business needs, meet for business negotiations, promote new projects, and dig out clues for in-depth cooperation.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above, fluent oral communication skills in English, ability to communicate in meetings, telephone & video conferences in English, and rich business communication and writing skills.
  • Communication skills in minor languages, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, proficient writing communication, good oral communication and translation, experience in visiting customers abroad or receiving customers for factory audits is a plus.
  • More than 3 years of working experience in foreign trade sales, at least 2 years of experience in foreign trade sales of mechanical parts processing, and those with independent development capabilities and outstanding abilities, the working experience can be appropriately relaxed.
  • Those with working experience in mechanical parts processing related industries can relax the recruitment standards.
  • Proficient in social media customer acquisition skills, with rich experience in using customer acquisition tools and customer background investigation skills.
  • Have experience in customer acquisition marketing through phone calls, emails, and online tools, experience in visiting customers abroad, and negotiating and converting large customers, strong ability to withstand pressure, public relations awareness, and divergent thinking.
  • Have high execution ability, obedience, professionalism and team spirit, follow the company’s business performance appraisal system, and actively complete the sales targets set by the company.

Skill & Experience

  • You have at least 3 years’ experience working as a Product Designer.
  • You have experience using Sketch and InVision or Framer X
  • You have some previous experience working in an agile environment – Think two-week sprints.
  • You are familiar using Jira and Confluence in your workflow

Job Overviews

  • Location:

    United Kingdom

  • Job Title:


  • Hours:

    50h / week

  • Rate:

    $15 - $25 / hour

  • Salary:

    $35k - $45k

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