Job Details

Responsible for controlling product process quality, first article inspection, and full product inspection. With innovative testing ideas, we optimize and continuously improve product quality.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for product measurement and design measurement deadlock;
  • Responsible for planning and compiling measurement methods;
  • Responsible for training employees on measurement techniques;
  • Lead the team to be responsible for the measurement of structural materials during the trial production stage
  • Participate in structural drawing review, MRP review, etc.
  • Responsible for the company’s measuring instrument management and regular calibration of measuring instruments (internal/external calibration)
  • Familiar with measurement system analysis and proficient in using Mirnital and JMP software for CPK analysis.
  • Responsible for the preparation and implementation of product measurement plans, and the summary, preparation, analysis and processing of measurement data
  • Work conscientiously, have a strong sense of responsibility, obey work arrangements, have team spirit, and have good data analysis, communication and coordination skills.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above, age 20-40 years old (can be relaxed if you have more experience)
  • Familiar with the operation of three-dimensional coordinates and two-dimensional coordinates, and the subsequent 2.5-dimensional coordinates, independently complete the editing of two-dimensional and three-dimensional coordinates, and be able to solve daily software and hardware abnormality problems of the equipment. Our three-dimensional force system: Visual DMIS.
  • Familiar with each production process, quality control points and control parameters;
  • Be proficient in the relevant knowledge of mechanical drawings and be able to understand process drawings;
  • Able to understand quality control plans, quality standards and guidelines, etc., and be familiar with geometric tolerance GDT: -1Ls;
  • Familiar with the use of quality tools and 8D report analysis;
  • Changbai shift, the company provides food and accommodation, 10 hours a day, 26 days a week. If the company is very busy with orders, the shift will be on weekends.
  • Perfect attendance is 200 yuan/month, and the second level of social security is purchased;

Skill & Experience

  • You have at least 3 years of surveying experience.
  • Do you have experience using CMM and cylindricity measuring instruments?
  • You have some previous experience working in an agile environment.
  • You must comply with the use of ISO9100 and AS9001 quality management systems in your work processes.

Job Overviews

  • Location:


  • Job Title:

    Measurement Engineer

  • Hours:

    60h / week

  • Rate:

    $15 - $25 / hour

  • Salary:

    $35k - $45k

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